A Vampyre Mike Psychology Primer


No diagnosis
No treatment
No cure

No temples
No recovery
No workshops

No seminars
No theology
No revolutions

No repentance
No resolutions
No epiphanies

No forgiveness
No amends
No revelations

No therapy
No schemes
No scriptures

No lectures
No sobriety
No resumés

No marketing
No clarifications
No consultants

No meditation
No chanting
No affirmations

No prophets
No messiahs
No apologies

No diagnosis
No treatment
No cure

Mel C. Thompson
Mel Thompson is a superb performance poet and the publisher of Cyborg, Blue Beetle and Mel Thompsom imprints. He has
put out many saddle-stitched poetry chapbooks and published perfect-bound books too, enriching the scene tremendously.
For years, Mel published an annual little magazine, City Voice
... from New American Underground Poetry by David Lerner, Julia Vinograd, Alan Allen

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