Bird and Beckett EventAs a poet, Tony Vaughan is thoroughly modern and innovative but the spell of love and romance in his varied body of work is exquisitely evident. The surreal reach of his expression displays a lyric clarity and warm simplicity. He reveals his heart. He has published several delightful chapbooks and his poetry, art and essays have appeared in many publications.

Jerry Ferraz has been steadily weaving his unique tapestry of songsmanship beyond folk and "alternative" since the late sixties. Like the original troubadours of southern France, his work displays a mastery of meter and rime and celebrates the mysteries of love and epiphany. He breaths new life into the spirit of romance and chivalry as he wanders the ways of courtship and service to the beloved seeking the divine within the commonplaces of everyday existence. Bon Homme to the bone!

Ronald Sauer witty and wry master of the schmooze and art sales pitch self educated in the very best sense of that phrase despite his extensive formal education and wearing several hats as teacher and educator himself. World traveler and translator of Charles Baudelaire and many other great French poets. Promoter and poet visual artist of International note Godsend and personal savior to his intimates where ever they may be. Aristocrat and stanch political free thinker and libertine. Musician and beer house composer of spontaneous song. Terror- inspiring unrepentant critic of film art of every stripe and color. None can evade the grand sweep of his generous warmth and cutting social satire. Dandy and elegantly attired Bon Vivant approachable yet shrewd in his dealings as curator and mentor to improve the taste and aesthetic of those who dare to shine in a world as he puts it "going straight to hell". Dare to be us!

Rebecca Peters is somewhat of an enigma. Her exotic lithe figure cuts a curious contrast to her bold highly refined craft. She seems to cleave the space that she inhabits physically. The intense beauty of her work belies her softness and down to earth personal manner, her delicate charm. Well traveled and culturally refined she is a notable poet in her own right producing unearthly and inspired Exquisite Corpses as testaments to memorable evenings that seem to go on through magical time. Her accomplishments as co-curator and publisher with companion Ronald Sauer are well known and her performances of classic Tin Pan Alley tunes accompanied by Ronald on guitar are a favorite amongst the North Beach artistic community. Her art and welcoming presence are not to missed by anyone interested in the life and work cutting the edge with intelligence composure and courage in these dark times. You go, girl!

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