Hymns to the Beloved
Jerry Ferraz
has been steadily weaving his unique tapestry of songsmanship beyond folk and "alternative" since the late sixties. Like the original troubadours of southern France, his work displays a mastery of meter and rime and celebrates the mysteries of love and epiphany. He breaths new life into the spirit of romance and chivalry as he wanders the ways of courtship and service to the beloved seeking the divine within the commonplaces of everyday existence. Bon Homme to the bone!

Tony Vaughan, the many faceted artist, Orfic voice of the local rennaisance in the arts shares many authentic atributes with Jerry Ferraz who informs us that in his role as troubador, Tony actually comes closer to the real tradition in his style. As a poet of course, he is thoroughly modern and innovative but the spell of love and romance in his varied body of work is exquisitely evident. The surreal reach of his expression none the less possess a lyric clarity and warm simplicity. He reveals his heart.

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