Society's Child
Written and sung by Janis Ian (1966)
Album: Live: Working Without a Net

Janis Ian

Born in New York City in 1951, singer-songwriter Janis Ian (wikipedia) began
playing piano at an early age, and later attended the Manhattan High School
of Music and Art, where she perfected her songwriting skills.
She wrote and arranged "Society's Child." at age 15.


Come to my door, baby,
Face is clean and shining black as night.
My mother went to answer you know
That you looked so fine.
Now I could understand your tears and your shame,
She called you "boy " instead of your name.
When she wouldn't let you inside,
When she turned and said
"But honey, he's not our kind."
She says
I can't see you any more, baby,
Can't see you anymore.
Walk me down to school, baby,
Everybody's acting deaf and dumb.
Until they turn and say, "Why don't you stick to your own kind."
My teachers all laugh, the smirking stares,
Cutting deep down in our affairs.
Preachers of equality,
Think they believe it, then why won't they just let us be?
They say I can't see you anymore baby,
Can't see you anymore.
One of these days I'm gonna stop my listening
Gonna raise my head up high.
One of these days I'm gonna raise up my glistening wings and fly.
But that day will have to wait for a while.
Baby I'm only society's child.
When we're older things may change,
But for now this is the way, they must remain.
I say I can't see you anymore baby,
Can't see you anymore.
No, I don't want to see you anymore, baby.