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Map of San Francisco

"We'll hold the distinction of being the only Nation in the history of the world that ever went to the poor house in
an automobile....Will Rogers"

Map of San Francisco (49743)bytes

"Don't it always seem to go that we don't know what we got 'til it's gone?  They pave paradise and put up a parking lot."
- Joni Mitchell

Interesting San Francisco Facts 
San Francisco Summer Street Fairs & Festivals

I used to drive but since I came to  San Francisco, I haven't felt the  need. The
public transportation eases me of all cares
about  parking, insurance, gasoline, and  repairs.

San Francisco Gas Prices

"The most valuable piece of Real Estate  in San Francisco is a parking  place!"...Herb Caen

SFpark uses new technologies and policies to improve parking in San Francisco. Reducing traffic by helping drivers find parking benefits everyone.
Pay your Parking ticket online
Handicap Parking Locations

511 SF ~Transit information *****
NEXTBUS helpful aid to find out what time
Muni will arrive before you leave home.

TAXI- For years I had favorites I felt confident recommending but not any longer. It's a crap shoot! With some drivers you need to think twice before asking them not to use their phone or to change the radio station while driving you. And it does happen that some newer drivers will have no clue as to how to proceed to your requested destination or may even take you the long way if you don't pay attention or know better. Then another time you will call for a cab or hail one on the street and everything will go fine.

Hill Mapper ~ San Francisco ~ A useful map for walkers in San Francisco. The colors show which streets go uphill or downhill when you approach
them from the stick-figure's location marker.

7 Golden Gate Park Maps -printable,interactive, restrooms, dog play, playgrounds, flower gardens.

* S. F. P. D Crime Map ~ Knowing where it is safe to go and where extra caution is advised is very helpful.
We want visitors to our city to return home with happy memories ~ please remain aware of your surrounding. ~ nicole,


San Francisco
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