The Oracle of Allen

by Deirdre Evans

Allen Cohen
was an an Oracle
sitting, balancing
a tripod
Listening to
of phytons
in psychedelic rhythms
in his mind
He gave us their songs
Their praises
and prophecies
He gave us the song
in his heart
He told different tales
to those told before
His Oracle was written
in day - glow optimism
opening the prisms
of colors seldom seen
by mortal eyes
His spirit will not die
It lives within all
who crossed his path
heard him speak
read his poems
He has embroidered
his words
on the fabric
of our minds
in indelible
yellow - sunshine
Written within
our hearts and head
Written diagonally
in zig- zag stanzas
So we'll always remember
how brightly Future's fire
once burned for us all
Enthralled Hope
when it was more
than a town
in Arkansas
Peace seemed possible
And we were all working
and living more
A door to a unique perception
has closed
But the glimpse
of a garden
afforded by the Oracle
of Allen shines
brighter with passing years
Shining like Apollo
Shining with serpent's kisses
provided by
prophesying Pythosses
dreaming of Delphi
Allen's door has been closed
But it can never be locked
It can never be locked
It can never be locked
And someday
in the wink
of an idol's eye
The door that
Allen opened
will swing wide
and never be closed
never be closed
never be closed

©Deirdre Evans

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