Your ear so close to me

As my words form and spin through ear canel

I feel the penetration of my moisture in you

We are in rhythm

This rhythm as familar as thinking

There are no good byes for we continue

Allen and the geese

Mother of Sorrow

Ann Cohen Jan. 1, 2005

Mother of sorrow why do I linger here when the road ahead is calling

I have been comfortable in your arms since I found you

Counting on you to rest my mind when it is empty

Filling my soul with tears

Packing my bags and moving on wasn't a choice I thought I had

As the day breaks and the rain subsides I can see it is possible

You have been my partner for awhile your presents has been accepted

Now I will say goodbye in hopes that your company will not be needed again old friend

©Ann Cohen March 1, 2005

Susan Birkeland by Ann Cohen

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