Poem for Allen Cohen

You searched the west
for a passage of peace,
a dove spangled banner
blowing from the east.

Grandfather Word smith,
a sixties short fuse burnt
beyond a time of flames,
a peace bomb ticking on.

Beyond now is about to begin
Earth's poem for Allen Cohen,
green words throwing back
the shovel loads of silence,
wide open wings of poetry
unfurled in constant glides.

His read heart covered
in our book marks,
his poems corners folded
for future reverence.

To be loved so well so far
in a world full of strangers,
is perhaps the ultimate gig.

John G.Hall©2004
John G. Hall is co editor of CITIZEN32, (since October 2004) an arts & politics magazine dedicated to exploring current political issues via poetry, story, art works and articles. The theme of The first issue was "War and Peace" and was dedicated to Allen Cohen.
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