Grieving Roses

by Jeremy Siegel, 5/23/04

roses don't grieve like you or me
in fact, roses don't grieve like us at all
roses grieve on the inside
unlike us who show it in all kinds of ways
instead of tear-stained faces
the skin of roses are white, yellow, red and pink
but they turn brown and black over time
just like people, a rainbow of colors
but roses become a wilting flower
with droplets of tears against their petals

Jeremy Siegel, age 12
"Even though I never knew Allen, he sounds like a great person
I wish I had had a chance to get to know.
My mother was grieving for him so I wrote this poem"...
I dedicate this poem to Allen Cohen, my Mom Debra Grace Khattab and all the grieving people in the world.
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