A Gift From Allen Cohen

by Ladonna Fortune

Recognizing Father / Mother / God is Love, Compassion, Understanding,
Forgiveness, Nurturing, and Support and that Father / Mother / God is All. There is nothing else. Therefore I, Allen Cohen must be, there is nothing else. I must be one with God.

I am the male aspect of God, the living God. Allen Cohen.

In the name of Allen Cohen dwells the power of God's Love. This love sees the Good and the divine, divine in myself and all God's creations.

I passionately relate with life from this place of sacredness and honor.

When the name Allen Cohen is spoken, even whispered, it rides on the wind
Swiftly to me and activates my connection with divine energy. It opens my heart And my mind to divine wisdom. Evoking in me and everyone in the sound of my name, Allen, the feeling of assurance of Life as benign and benevolent. And the Absolute certainty of Universal Love, Compassion, Understanding, Forgiveness, Nurturing, and Support.

When I, LaDonna, pronounce this name, Allen Cohen, it is the calling forth of the Transforming power of God Love. This Love quickens the flow of Spiritual
evolution in myself and whomever I see, touch or relate with. She or he graciously And joyously cooperates for the highest and best good for all, all day.

When someone else calls Allen's name, that person is inspired to feel love for her or his self and for all the people she or he meets this day.

I declare right here where I am right now that the name Allen Cohen is filled and fulfilled with the transmuting power of love and is carried throughout the cosmos in ever widening ripples of Love, Allen Cohen, a joy to all creation.

And so it is, Amen, A Woman and a Human Being God.

© Ladonna Fortune
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