(for Allen Cohen 1940 - 2004)

Yes !
He was a flower child of the 60 's
who saw a rainbow in everyone's eyes,

an easy rider
for peace and love
who never gave up,
who never copped out,

a hippie for life
always planting seeds
for a better world,

a true believer in the power of words
and images to change history,
in the power of love to change hate
for the human revolution still coming,
for the age of Aquarius on the horizon;

Be sweet vibrations,
let the imagination soar !
let the doors of perception open
to the magical, mushroom sky,

be kindly poet always
working over your poems nightly
like leaves of grass in our vast,
golden gate parks to sleep in,

be as a child
born of the stars,
be as a poet
to your very last possible breath
for an impossible life.

© Copyright Bob Booker
June 27, 2004
Allen Cohen Tributes and Memories